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The following examples are just a few of the situations in which we have analyzed financial documents and provided expert witness testimony related to business interruption, hidden assets searches, lost profits and damage claims. We have also assisted with performing business and property valuations and designing forensic audit programs.

A manufacturing company retained Michaelson & Co. to determine the propriety of a lost profits claim made by one of its subsidiaries. Shipments of raw materials to the subsidiary had been suspended due to contract disputes within the company. Our examination of the accounting records and production capabilities of the subsidiary revealed that the calculation of loss could not be supported. (Plant capacity needed to be twice the existing capacity in order for the subsidiary's claims to be viable.) Based on Michaelson's calculations and analysis, the parent company settled the claim and saved approximately $500,000.

A commercial enterprise had its franchisee unjustly removed and asked Michaelson & Co. to calculate the damages suffered in connection with a business interruption lawsuit. Our calculations and subsequent court testimony successfully demonstrated that the company suffered lost profit damages in excess of $6,500,000 as a result of the business interruption.

In a legal malpractice case, Michaelson & Co. was asked to determine the extent of damages involving a trustee who had acted improperly on behalf of a family trust. Through forensic financial analysis, we documented damages in excess of $650,000. Testifying on behalf of the insurance company, we were able to reduce the agency's proposed liability by approximately $350,000 (down from $1,000,000 requested by the insured).

During a hidden asset search in a divorce case, Michaelson & Co. discovered undisclosed foreign bank accounts, diversion of funds to secondary companies and underreported income on tax returns. The client settled for over $250,000 and alimony.

Michaelson & Co. was employed by a commercial enterprise to determine the extent of embezzlement committed by an employee. Our financial analysis helped to obtain an insurance payment of $100, 000 (the policy limit) on the $147,000 theft. The information also assisted with criminal prosecution of the perpetrator.

Michaelson & Co. was employed under the Criminal Justice Act to assist in the defense of defendants accused of committing a $283 million Ponzi scheme.

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